About us

A few words about me:

Ever since I can remember, there have always been animals in my family house. I’ve had a special connection with dogs from childhood years. The first dogs with whom I established the bond of friendship were two mongrels named Danube and Dolinka. In subsequent years, Roki appeared – a German Shepherd who was very friendly to all the friends of the whole family. It was he who brought up my first female “Tazi”.

Love for animals, especially for dogs, turned into a passion at the Kennel Club. Soon after, I started to attend the sections of the Cracow Branch of the Polish Kennel Club. With the knowledge gained while working in a section, participation in numerous lectures carried out by the International Judges and vets, and courses organized by the Kennel Club, I take the trouble of breeding pure breed dogs.

A few words about Brave & Proud FCI Kennel:

By virtue of having a garden I was looking for a guard dog, but brave, proud and beautiful at the same time. Thus, the idea of having a unique breed that is the Tibetan Mastiff was born. So frantic search for a suitable breeding began. During discussions with breeders I learned more and more new things about my breed. The choice fell on breeding Ms. Marta Kowalska, from which my first female comes – MUMTAZ Mahatma-La “Tazi”. The female won the hearts of the household from the first day. The first show, regarded as an escape from everyday life, over time turned into a weekend hobby. Together with Tazi we achieved new titles to raise standards higher and higher. At the age of 2.5 years she fulfilled the conditions to obtain the title INTERCHAMPION.

In 2013 in the house appeared this time a gold bitch – VIVA VICTORIA Made in Tibet FCI from kennel Mrs. Blanka Stodulska.

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In the two years since the first show, I came up with the idea of registration kennel name dogs at the Federation Cynologique Internationale ( FCI ). Kennel name could not be different – BRAVE & PROUD FCI. I believe these words perfectly define this breed I fell in love with and wish to breed.


A few words about Do-Khyi:

I will not duplicate information about Tibetan Mastiffs, which can be found on similar pages of this type, and various forums and groups dedicated to this wonderful breed. I write a few words from myself, from my own experience of living with the Tibetan under the same roof.

Tibetan Mastiff is a very independent, stubborn breed, sometimes distrustful to strangers, but very tied to the man, and daily contact with his companion is essential. The breed is adapted to changing weather conditions, due to the plentiful coat, and likes to be outdoors all year round. However, she likes to spend plenty of time at home, as well.
The Tybetan coat sheds once a year, in spring/summer period, then it sheds the winter undercoat. It is worth adding that the Tibetan Mastiff coat is odorless.

Also, be aware that any dog’s character is unique and it can be different from the generally known standards. Each animal inherits certain character traits and it is its upbringing from the very start that shapes the dog it eventually becomes.

I will not copy a standard Do-Khyi. Current standard you will find here:

pdfStandard Do – Khyi

However, please remember that acquiring a dog is a decision that affects the next few years of our lives and should be taken with full responsibility.