Our Tibetan Mastiffs





When I first saw a Tibetan Mastiff at a show, the first thought that appeared in my head was "courage and pride". These words perfectly characterize this mysterious breed of people from the Himalayas. Thus, began my adventure with Do-Khyi and cynology, which turned into a great passion.

We cordially invite you to visit my website dedicated to breeding Tibetan Mastiffs. You will find here some information about me, my dogs and the Brave & Proud FCI kennel.

I am a member of the Polish Kennel Club (membership in the International Federation Cynologique - FCI), and the Slovak Club Breed - Club Tibetskiej Dogy.

A dog is a true friend of a man, especially the Tibetan Mastiff, which is faithful and always defends his owner. However, please remember that acquiring a dog is a decision that affects the next few years of our lives and should be taken with full responsibility.


VIVA VICTORIA Made in Tibet FCI: Excellent, CAC, Best Adult Bitch & BOB!!! Sędzia: Zoya Oleynikova (Ukraine) We are
VIVA VICTORIA Made in Tibet FCI: Excellent I, Youth Winner, Best Junior in Breed. Sędzia: Viera Staviarska (Slovakia)